Afternoon Write

Daytime Writing
Night-Time People :::

For those who want to work their writing practice, but find evening classes difficult to attend due to gigs, work commitments or just a very healthy social life!

This class will include a number of generative exercises; by the end of each daily session, you will have pages of new material.  These channel opening techniques can be applied to plays, novels, short stories, one person shows or screenplays.

1 - 3:30 PM
Starting soon: email if interested!
250.00 or six weeks.

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Aaron Henne's
plays include King Cat Calico Finally Flies Free! (published by Original Works Publishing), Record Storm Spreads Ruin! (commissioned by the Los Angeles History Project) and Sliding Into Hades, which received LA Weekly Awards for Playwriting and Production of the Year. Aaron has served in script development capacities for Culture Clash, The Colony Theatre, Center Theatre Group and The Theatre @ Boston Court, where he serves as Co-Literary Manager. His exploration of machines and their relationships to humanity, Body Mecanique, was developed and produced by LA Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC). His playwriting process book, You Already Know, is available through Writ Large Press. In 2010, he  continues his collaboration with LACDC, including the presentation of a new piece commissioned by The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. In June, Blood Red Lost Head Dead Falcon: The Nibelungen, a multimedia performance piece and LA Opera Ring Festival partner, will premiere in Southern California. He teaches writing throughout the city and is a proud member of the Playwrights Union.
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