Open Wordspace

OPEN WORDSPACE - coming again soon...
every 2nd Sunday of the Month

Past shows.....
Sunday, March 13th · 5:30pm - 8:00pm
W or d s p a c e
3191 Casitas, #156
Our monthly, 2nd Sunday OPEN WORDSPACE, hosted by the quinsalic Shirley Anderson. 
an evening of features, open readings, and music at wordspace

March to the River-side (whatever that means to you) and read your new material - fiction, poetry, CNF, music, and more. Last months episode  with Writ Large Press, rocked with amazing features, 10 opens and about 35 people in the wordspace.

Feature this month include writers from UCR RIVERSIDE - alum, faculty, & students - KATE DURBIN, ROBIN RUSSIN, CARLY KIMMEL, V. ZAMORA, BRENDA VARDA, Ky Phong TRAN, TOM LUTZ, ARETHA SILLS, and more.  A BIG NIGHT! Also, music to tweak your head, and drama to play your spirit, and time for your new works.

Sing, Read, Act, Engage - wordspace.
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