about w o r d s p a c e

-  creating space for the development of new works for the page, stage, screen, and net.

-  redefining text and spoken word for both new and established audiences in a complex world

::: w o r d s p a c e  aims to create and promote exciting, innovative, accessible, high quality & surprising new work through creative collaboration between writers, staff, and the community.

::: w o r d s p a c e  places education and the opportunity for growth at the centre of all of its activities.

::: w o r d s p a c e  strives to reach new audiences by recognizing new voices,
current issues and community concerns, and creating new performance works through creative collaboration.

:: w o r d s p a c e  provides space for development & collaboration, while developing partnerships between writers (& writer /performers) and producing organizations.

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Director :: Brenda Varda 

Founding members ::

Leon Martell

Shirley Anderson 

Thea Petchler

Amy Friedman

Diana Wagman

Chris Meeks

Aaron Henne


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