Writing Philosophy

The Pen.  The Keyboard.  You know them well. 

But have you explored what writing means for you? Have you taken the time to write the world the way you see and hear it?  Do you know a way of experiencing the exceptional or the mundane that you'd like to share through words? 

Whether retelling family narratives, or riffing on accidental phrases - or even critiquing the news - writing allows access to personal and social understanding.  While consciously shaping language, each individual identifies and shares their own truth, creating opportunies for increased interaction and significant change.

Through creative writing exercises, concerted practice, development of technique, and group interaction anyone can become a better, if not excellent writer.

Yep - there is a bit of 'doing' involved, but w o r d s p a c e provides the space, time, and assistance for your writing aspirations.  This way you're not figuring out the process alone.

Wordspace believes that writing clarifies both your emotional truth and your critical thinking skills :: write with us for a while and experience the change.
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