VOICE AND SONG development with John Ballinger and Brenda Varda

NINE MONDAYS to Vocal Revolution at Wordspace.
8 weeks of class and a FINAL CONCERT.

Time to get your singing chops in order, either with standards or your original songs in the great Wordspace studio.
BONUS: your solo work PLUS original arrangements for small group ensemble singing (shall we glee-out? Perhaps.)

Stretch your range and technique with two vocal coaches and musical directors that bring out your best. Ballinger is an amazing composer, arranger and musical director, and Varda is great at helping you find your voice and your personal style through performance technique.
Both live guitar and piano are available for accompaniment.

$350: one payment or two installments!
$300 before March 21st

John Ballinger is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles.His wide-ranging theatrical, film, recording and live performance experience began with piano lessons from his mother, an accomplished church pianist/organist.

By age 7 he would sing a different part (in whatever octave he could manage) for each verse of the traditional hymns at church. At age 8 he started playing the clarinet and when he was 15 he discovered the guitar.

His formal training continued at the Musicians' Institute in Hollywood where he graduated from the studio guitar program in 1982. He then attended and graduated from California Institute of the Arts, studying privately with Arnold Schoenberg protégé Leonard Stein, and earning a BFA in music composition in 1986. CalArts greatly expanded his musical palette, offering him world music performance and his first compositions for theater.

Since 1987 John has been a free-lance musician. He has recorded, performed, or toured with Pato Banton, Tracy Bonham, Rufus Wainwright, Van Dyke Parks, Moira Smiley, the Dreaming Ferns, and Dancing With the Stars.His work as a composer includes scores and songs for TV, independent films, theater, and live events. Notable collaborations include scores and sound design for the Joan Rivers Show at the Geffen Theater, songs for Universal Cartoons, and Matt Nix (Burn Notice, The Good Guys),  music and sound design for O-lan Jones? epic Songs & Dances, Ken Roht's amazing 99cent Only Holiday shows, and music to accompany Jim Henson's Creature Shop engineers Saber Tooth Cat exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.

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