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wordspace seeks writers (and artists who write)for a new continuing process and production group where members generate and polish new works for page and stage.  Wordlab is not only a place and time to complete the current work in your brain or on your burner, but to stretch your creativity into alternative genres, into fresh language and form, and for new venues and publications for your work.  Wordlab initially values question over answer: but knows that process can have a keen eye on product.

Wordspace itself is a large, creative studio equipped with internet, sound, video, projection, seating, books for reference and inspiration, flexible performance space, tables, parking and beverages. 

Wordlab will meet at Wordspace once a week (Mondays), to keep its members creating, processing, finishing, and submitting their writing. Wordlab will be facilitated to provide structure for its members, but fluid and adaptable to accommodate the group’s changing needs. Web space will be available to use for publishing, discussion forums and information exchange. Wordlab will share submission listings, opportunities for writing ‘projects’ in the community and host guest speakers.  Already scheduled?  Tom Lutz (L.A. Times book review), Teresa Carmody (les Figues Press), Aaron Henne (playrwright and writing coach) --- plus..)

The cost of membership covers the dedicated space and time, facilitation, web space, and group organization.  Also, each member will have Wordspace for one additional night each quarter for a reading, workshop, or meeting of their choice. 

Group limited to 20 members.  This upcoming session will meet Monday evenings, 7:30p – 10:30p, September 13th – November 29th with reading to follow.  $150 for 3 months.


A weekly group, 3 hours at WORDSPACE. A mix and match of the following:

·         Presentation of new work

·         Discussion of craft

·         Educational sharing of materials, essays, techniques

·         Workshop of writing in progress

·         Supportive critique based on artists' feedback parameters

·         Leadership based on topics of group interest

·         Identification of opportunities (grants, contests, submissions, publishers, work for hire, projects, jobs, residencies, et cetera)



·         Development of opportunities for new work

·         Writing collective that will encourage risk, challenge and finishing projects

·         Promoting access to new and existing forms of publishing and/or media distribution

WINTER Membership Fee:  $150   Click the Buy Now button to pay thru PayPal.








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