Write the Fringe

W o r d s p a c e Write the Fringe Hour (M-F: June 21-25: 2-3 pm)

A writer’s workshop

At Theatre of Note


With all the theatre and conversations, we know you have some new ideas that are itching to travel from your brain down to your pen (or the keyboard…).


Each day a W o r d s p a c e  instructor will be on hand to run a short workshop, offer writing advice, and collect your contributions (virtual and written) about the fringe.    Share your new ideas for work or your reflections on the festival -  or experiment with the daily wordspace prompts online or at the café.    Don’t let the festival go by without sharing your thoughts.  Next year’s pieces may start here…


Wordspace – a writing studio:  we are not in Hollywood, but come visit some time…

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